Evolution and Development of the Regulation

Decree 77/1989 (VII. 10.) MT on Remuneration to be Paid for Employee Inventions and Certain Other Measures Related to Inventions and Decree 78/1989 (VII. 10.) MT on Innovations mentioned first that the Board of Experts on Innovations and Inventions at the National Office of Inventions gives an expert opinion on innovation remuneration matters where the court proceedings have not yet started. In 1989 the first board of experts, on the basis of this legal background, started its operation in the field of industrial property.

After that, Act XXXIII of 1995 on the Protection of Inventions by Patents (Patent Act) created the legal basis for the establishment of the Board of Experts on Inventions. Pursuant to the authorization under Article 118(2) of the Patent Act, Decree 79/1995 (XII. 29.) IKM on the Board of Experts on Inventions was born, which referred all disputes related to industrial property protection to the competence of the Board of Experts on Inventions.

One of the most important provisions of Act XXXIX of 2002 on the modification of the Patent Act was that the board, from 1 January 2003, continued operating by its new name, the Body of Experts on Industrial Property. Another substantial provision was inserted by the amendment: the new Article 114/Z of the Patent Act formulated the framework rules on the Body of Experts. Since 1 Aug 2009 these provisions can be found in Article 115/T of the Patent Act.

Government Decree 270/2002 (XII. 20.) on the Structure and Operation of the Body of Experts on Industrial Property laid down the detailed rules of the organization and activity of the Body of Experts (entered into force on 1 January 2003). In 2005 this legal instrument was amended, with especial regard to the rules of procedure and the fees to be applied, by Government Decree 204/2005 (IX. 28.).