Body of Experts on Industrial Property

Body of Experts on Industrial Property

The measure of the scientific technological development, the requirements of the approximation of laws at the international and especially at the European Community level are a great challenge to the regulation of intellectual property rights. At the same time in the course of judicial review specific problems have to be solved; judgments have to be passed by applying legal regulations that are already available. Therefore it becomes necessary for the judge to ask the opinion of expert bodies, whose individual members have up-to-date knowledge on a given field when passing the judgment.


In professional questions arising in industrial property legal disputes, the courts and other authorities may request an expert opinion of the Body of Experts on Industrial Property (Body of Experts) at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.
Industrial property legal dispute shall mean any legal dispute concerning the enforcement of rights conferred by
a) patent protection, plant variety protection, utility model protection, design protection, topography protection, trademark protection and protection of geographical indications;
b) the protection under Article 2:47. of the Civil Code due for persons as regards their economic, technical and management skills and experience or compilation thereof (know-how), and
c) the protection due for the intellectual creations, skills and experience or compilation thereof referred to in subparagraphs a)-b), against unfair competition and unfair manipulation of business decision, as provided for by the provisions of the Act on the Prohibition of Unfair and Restrictive Market Practices.

On request, the Body of Experts may, on commission, give an expert opinion in industrial property questions out of court as well. Industrial property question shall mean any question arising from the exercise of rights listed above.

The Body of experts shall give an expert opinion also on matters concerning the patentability of an invention kept secret and remuneration due to the inventor of a service or employee invention.

Persons responsible:

Judit Hajdú (President)

Krisztina Füzesi-Cserháti (Secretary)
Phone: +36 1 474 5921,
Fax: +36 1 474 5936
E-mail: krisztina [961] fuzesi [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu

Edina Huszár (Assistant)
Phone: +36 1 311 4841,
Fax: +36 1 302 3822
E-mail: edina [961] huszar [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu

Legal background

Decree No 270/2002 (XII. 20.) Korm. on the Structure and Operation of the Body of Experts on Industrial Property (Hungarian Only)

Correspondence, further information

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