National Board Against Counterfeiting (NBAC)

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) plays a major role in making the fight against counterfeiting as effective as possible. Previously, the National Board Against Counterfeiting (NBAC) operated under the aegis of HIPO.

At present, following the termination of the NBAC as a special body, HIPO itself, through its enforcement unit, contributes to the protection of IPR holders in order to improve the effectiveness of the fight against IPR infringements.

Our aim is to continue the legacy of the NBAC, which includes the role of HIPO as a proposer, adviser and consultant on matters relating to the fight against counterfeiting. HIPO also intends to bring together representatives of the public bodies with responsibilities and powers in the field of intellectual property and of the social and economic interest groups involved in the protection of intellectual property.

In the context of the fight against counterfeiting, HIPO initiates and carries out targeted actions to curb infringements of intellectual property rights. HIPO’s initiatives also aim to promote innovation and increase the competitiveness of businesses, especially SMEs, by strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights.

More effective enforcement can reduce the size of the shadow economy, which in turn will help to increase legal employment and prevent the recycling of illegal proceeds from counterfeiting into crime. Stronger enforcement can ensure better protection for consumers, and thus helps to eliminate counterfeit products from the market which also endanger consumer health and safety.