Novelty search

Terms of reference
Within the scope of the novelty search patent and other documents will be disclosed and delivered showing to be relevant on the novelty and inventive step of the invention presented by you.

- by disclosing the chances of patentability before a patent application is lodged, you can save time, money and tiredness.
- for ensuring the priority of an already lodged application it can be important to know as soon as possible the chances for lodging the application in other countries.
- you can assess the degree of inventiveness of your application, therefore can determine how remote or neighbouring is your invention to the known art.

Description (search, analysis, report)
A novelty search is carried out on the basis of the description and drawings (if any) presented by you, where the technical solution should be clearly disclosed in English, German, French or Hungarian language. The Novelty Search will be carried out on less detailed information, being no need of a regular patent application.
The novelty search is performed in specific technical area systemized and up-to-date databases of patent and non-patent literature.The Novelty Search will contain a brief summary of the cited documents, and their relation to the invention will be shown by means of international applied relevant category codes, i.e. X, Y and A. A copy of every cited document will be attached to the Novelty Search.

The fee of a novelty search per invention is 150.000 HUF (approx. 500 EUR) + 27% VAT, which includes all the costs related to the service, especially the cited documents copy costs.

The novelty search is completed under given circumstances in the shortest possible period of time, but within 4 weeks from the day on which the request was filed.

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