Supplying Data at our Client Service

Inspection of files, issue of copies of documents

Public documents may be inspected by anyone, and copies may be requested for a fee.
Inspection of files and copies may be requested by filing the relevant form at our Office.
Before the inspection of files we suggest that you make an appointment

  • in pending cases with the designated examiner;
  • in terminated cases at our Client Service.

Upon request we can ensure file inspection electronically, via the E-Dossier service.

Information on the validity of protection and information about payments
All facts and circumstances regarding cases which are already public are listed in the industrial property registers kept by HIPOt

The Client Service provides information free of charge

  • on entries in the register, and
  • on payments effected and/or payments due, on the reimbursement of fees that have not become due, and on the possibility of making book-entry transfers.