New service is available at the Hungarian Patent Office: CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service)

1New service is available at the Hungarian Patent Office: CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service)2007091912072007112112073CETMOSThis new service offers a survey of trade marks in force or pending in the participating 9 Central and Eastern European countries which are considered similar and identical compared to customer's sign.


The states participating in the cooperation "CETMOS" represent a region of Central Europe that constitutes an attractive market to investors for establishing new undertakings and making investments. Nevertheless, one of the preconditions of entering the market is the proper assurance of intellectual property rights for the stakeholders in the countries concerned where the examination of prior rights is inevitable.

CETMOS gives reliable solution to this problem in respect of trade marks by offering trade mark search in the national and international trade mark registers of 9 countries, i.e. Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, as well as in the register of Community trade marks valid in the territory of the European Union. CETMOS means a service that is available on a single order, covering all the participating states, and operated under short deadlines and a favourable schedule of fees.

Search is carried out by the industrial property offices of the countries concerned, using the data in their trade mark registers, thus, the results are received from up-to-date databases. Besides, the service is provided under strict quality management rules and involving experts who have gained considerable experience in trade mark registration procedures.

The service can be ordered by electronic means at the website address:, and the result is also communicated electronically to the customer. Using electronic means makes the deadline of the service competitive, which is a maximum of four weeks but it can also be shorter in practice. The search report contains the earlier trade marks, assembled but in separate tables by countries, that are identical or similar to the mark indicated in the search order. The search report contains the most important details of the earlier trade marks, including the name and contact details of the trade mark holder.

Although the language of the service is English, detailed information thereon can also be obtained in a further 9 languages on the website, or directly from the participating office in the official language of the country.

The search report prepared with the assistance of CETMOS can be effectively utilised in a subsequently initiated official procedure, too. Before filing a trade mark application, it is always useful to enquire whether the mark concerned is under protection or not. With the assistance of CETMOS it is easy to decide whether to file a trade mark application via the national, international or Community route in order to obtain protection in the region.

Making use of CETMOS provides considerable advantage and safety in marketing. When introducing new products or services it is worth examining whether the new image infringes the earlier trade mark rights of others. The search report can offer a convincing answer to these questions, as marketing experts are able to get quick access to a document that is well-structured and contains the necessary data.

19 September 2007