Eurobrand 2008 Budapest

Eurobrand 2008 Budapest

The "Eurobrand Symposium 2008" Budapest, co-organised by the Hungarian Patent Office and the Eurobrand Institute of Vienna, will take place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, on 10 September 2008. The Symposium will focus on brand valuation and the impact of branding and public image on business development for actors in today's dynamic economy.

The Eurobrand Institute is an independent professional institute with Europe-wide coverage. Their primary profile is brand valuation and this activity, alongside value based brand management and performing of analyses, is guided by brand-evaluation methods devised by their recognised professionals. They annually rank the brands of various countries on the basis of their actual financial value, and the findings are presented in the framework of a symposium. In Austria it is a longstanding tradition to present the findings at an important professional event, where, besides the organisations concerned, decisive actors of economic, cultural and political life, as well as the representatives of the media are also present. At the Eurobrand Symposium 2007, which was co-organised by the European Brand Institute of Vienna and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vienna, market players such as Danone, Daimler-Benz, TUI, Raiffeisen, Siemens and ORF were represented.

This year saw the first detailed analysis of brands in Hungary. On this basis the most valuable brands were ranked. The findings of the analysis will be published on 10 September.

To complement this announcement, various lectures and panel discussions will be held with the contribution of decisive market players, marketing, PR and industrial property professionals.

It is a global phenomenon that the ratio of intangible assets, particularly that of intellectual property is ever increasing in the capital of market players. The effective exploitation of IP can substantially improve the market position of businesses, independently of the market sector concerned. The public image elements and branding of companies and products play a major role in this. The Symposium is devoted to this remarkable phenomenon, which defines the development of the Hungarian national economy to an ever-greater extent and can be of utmost importance to the players of the domestic economy and to decision-makers.

During a panel discussion of the Symposium, in an informal manner, the audience can learn about successful brand and corporate image building.

The programme of the Symposium can be downloaded here