Research database

The database - consisting of the list of addresses, telephone numbers and electronic links - made public below (hereinafter referred as to: research database) contributes to fulfil the task of the applicants to search and request information in accordance with article 3 (1) a) and b) of the Government Decree No. 100/2009 (V.8.) on the detailed rules related to the licensing of certain use of orphan works. The research database is informative, the request made to the internet search engines and organisations included does not necessarily fulfil the minimal requirements of a diligent search conducted in order to find the author, imposed by Article 57/A (1) of the Act LXXVI. of 1999 on copyrights.

  • Voluntary register of works of the HIPO
  • Registers of the collective societies
  • Databases available via internet
  • Databases capable of determining the location of the author
  • Databases of collections by the types of works available for public
  • Requesting information from the organisations usually making public the works by the types of works
  • Requesting information from persons using the work otherwise
  • Requesting information from known and detectable other authors of the work
  • Requesting information from authorities performing official tasks regarding the type of work
  • Advertisement in nationwide newspaper




Phone number

Homepage URL


Type of work

Voluntary register of works of the HIPO

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)

1054 Budapest, Garibaldi str. 2. 

(1) 474-55-61

Operated by the customer service of HIPO.

Any kind

Registers of the collective societies







ARTISJUS Hungarian Bureau for the protection of authors' right

1016 Budapest, Mészáros str.15- 17.

(1) 488-26-36




1. Artisjus members and principals


Literary work

2. Register of successors



3. Requesting contact attempt with the author/ search via public summon



4. List of works




5. Register of authors' pseudonym






ugyfelszolgalat [169] artisjus [961] com


Bureau for the Protection of Performers´ Rights (EJI)

1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 38.

(1) 479-51-60


Performers' performances

FILMJUS Hungarian Society for the Protection of Audiovisual Actors' and Producers' Rights

1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 14.

(1) 266-65-88; 235-04-16


Audiovisual works

HUNGART Visual Artists' Collective Society Association

1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa str. 30. gfl. 2.

(1) 302-43-86


Fine arts and  photographic  works


Hungarian Phonogram Publishers' Association (MAHASZ)

1113 Budapest, Harcos sq. 5.

(1) 200-26-79




Hungarian Society for the Protection and Management of Literary Authors' Rights (MISZJE)

1088 Budapest, Múzeum str. 7.

(1) 413-07-01


Literary works, music works captivate on music sheet


Hungarian Reprographic Society of Professional and Literary Authors (MASZRE)

1073 Budapest, Kertész u. 41.

(1) 343-25-37


Literary works

Repropress Hungarian Reprographic Society of Newspaper Publishers'

7627 Pécs, Engel J. str. 8.


Literary works

Databases available via internet

Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works (ARROW)

Accessible registries of copyrights Information and Orphan Works. The purpose of the in 2008 started project is to identify the rightholders  and to clear the legal status of works, so e.g. to decide that the work in question is a work not available commercially any more or an orphan work.

Literary works

Bartók rank Universal Collection of Hungarian Folk Songs





Musical works



Digitized Parliamentary Database

The Parliamentary Library's project. Under this project about 2 million pages of Hungarian books, periodicals, historical parliamentary documents, other sources of law, and literature references in the field of law, historical and political sciences have been digitalised.

Literary works

Literature references

Transylvanian- Hungarian  Databank and online Catalogue

From this homepage several database is available and searchable.

Literary works

Database of Children Literature

 The database contains a large (composed from about 750 titles) and demanding collection  of books published  or republished between 1994 and 2005.

Literary works

IMDb (The Internet Movie Database)


Audiovisual works, rightholders of related rigts

International Standard Text Book




Through agencies the already published and as well the yet to be published literary works can be registered free of charges by transmitting the required metadata. 

Literary works


Search available by author, title, entries and first sentence.

Literary works

MTA Public Body's Database of Publication (KPA)




The Purpose of KPA Database is to collect and store data regarding the publications of members of the public body and the frequency of quotations from such works.  

Literary works




Database of Hungarian Scientific Works



MTI Photobank

An archive of photographs documenting the Hungarian and foreign happenings of the past 80 years. In the "Archiv" folder of the Photobank you can choose from about one million digitalised photos.

Photographic works

Central Databank of the Hungarian Theatre History Museum and Institute


Works related to theatre performances

Online Database of Published folk music phonograms


Musical works

'Public Map'





The Public Map replaced "Szoborlap" and it aims to collect as many street art works through its members' contribution as many possible. Since 2006 they have found and exhibited about 17.000 art works.








Virtual International Authority Files

The Virtual International Authority Files is a common project maintained by the Online Computer Library Centre of several national libraries (including Hungarian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, the Library of Congress and the Vatican Apostolic Library) and regional or international library agencies.

Literary works

WATCH (Writers, Artists and their Copyright Holders)


Literary work, performers' performances

Databases capable of determining the location of the author

Hungarian Telekom online Information



Personal Data and Address Register

KEK KH 1450 Budapest, Pf.: 81.

06 (1) 455-6770

The applicant may ask the authority -  in order to get in contact with - to look for the person indicated in the application and ask for his/ her written permission to let the authority give to the applicant his/ her name and address (personal contact), or to inform him/her to get in contact with the applicant directly on the given address or phone number, in case he/ she wishes to contact the applicant. 


Telenor online information



Vodafone online information



The encyclopaedia of the in Hungarian written Czech and Slovakian literature (1918-2004)


Literary works

Literature references

Google books catalogue


Literary works

Literature references

Pál Gulyás: Hungarian writers' life and works "Tag storage"(Cédulatár) (P-Z)


Literary works

Literature references

The Encyclopaedia of the in Hungarian written Yugoslavian literature (1918-2000) [László Gerold]


Literary works

Literature references

The encyclopaedia of contemporary Hungarian writers (1945-1997)


Literary works

Literature references

Hungarian writers' life and works (JÓZSEF SZINNYEI - 1891)


Literary works

Literature references

List of Hungarian Poets, Writers (A-F)


Literary works

Literature references

List of Hungarian Poets, Writers (S-Zs)


Literary works

Literature references

Western Hungarian Literature Encyclopaedia and bibliography [Gyula Borbándi]


Literary works

Literature references

The Encyclopaedia of the in Hungarian written Romanian literature


Literary works

Literature references

Viennese graveyards


all types of works

Graveyard of Farkasrét in 2003 (databank)


all types of works

Assorted list of eliminated tombs in the Graveyard of Farkasrét


all types of works

Graveyard of Győr


all types of works

Military graveyard of Kassa





all types of works

Graveyard of Kerepes


all types of works

"Eternity" (Öröklét)

 search in the database of several graveyards

all types of works

Graveyard of Szeged


all types of works

Slovakian graveyards


all types of works

Information of graveyards (12 cities)


all types of works

Vilmos Tóth: The History of the Graveyard of Farkasrét. Budapest district 40-41-42. (2003/2-2003/4):


all types of works

Databases of collections by the types of works available for public

Databases, repositories in the Hungarian libraries (selection)

The Library Institute's homepage with several search possibility and leaping points to each databases

Literary works


Contemporary Hungarian art database.

Fine art works

Collection of the Hungarian articles and essays of library studies and book history from 2007.





Literary works



A virtual catalogue generated from the Hungarian national library's online catalogue


Literary and fine art works


Its function is to make available and provide the bibliographical data of the Hungarian humanities' essays and articles

Literary works

International Standard Audiovisual Number

Searchable by title or identification number

Audiovisual works

International Standard Musical Work Code

Search engine using 18 million songs.


Hungarian Digital Museum Library

A database set up in the frame of the cultural digitalising program in order to present the publications of the museums.

Literary works

Hungarian Digital Picture Library

Searchable with using several criteria

Picture, photographic works, other pictorial documents

Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK)

O the homepage of MEK a search can be conducted in the collections by author (or editor), title and topic.

Literary works

Hungarian ISBN and ISMN Office (National Széchényi Library)

BUDAPEST Buda Castle, F building

(1) 224-3753,

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a numerical code to identify clearly the books, audio books, e-books, monographic CD ROM-s and maps.

Literary works, audio books

(1) 487-8670

Hungaria National Centre of ISSN

BUDAPEST Buda Castle, F building

(1) 22 43 754,

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a numerical code to identify clearly the periodicals and the continuously updating integrating documents.

Literary works

(1) 22 43 842


Hungarian Society of  Book Publishers  and Distributors

1073 Budapest, Kertész str. 41. I/4.


The Society uploads the databases of MOKKA (Hungarian National Common Catalogue) member libraries - making the necessary conversions - to the central database.

Literary works

Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute (MANDA)

1021 Budapest, Budakeszi road 51/E.

(1) 394-13-22, 394-10-18

The site provides data of Hungarian films and their rightholders.


Hungarian National Museum

1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16.

(1)-338-2122, (1)-327-7749


Fine art works

Hungarian National Common Catalogue


Literary works

Hungarian National Archive

1014 Budapest,

(1) 225-2843


Literary works

Bécsi kapu sq. 2-4. 

(1) 225-2844



MANCI on-line database (Hungarian and international articles)

The database is updated through a comprehensive, recent and continuous retrospective conversion of Hungarian library and information science periodicals.

Literary works


Searchable database of the table of contents of Hungarian periodicals.

Literary works

National Audiovisual Archive (NAVA)

The legal deposit archive of Hungarian national broadcasting organisations (m1, az m2, Duna Tv, RTL Klub, TV2 and Magyar Rádió 3). It contains the above broadcasting organisations' Hungarian produced or in any other way Hungarian related broadcasts since 1st of January 2006. The NAVA furthermore retains  and makes available for public other audiovisual contents in the so called 'Separated Collections'

Films and other audiovisual works

Nationwide document-providing system

Several libraries' collections can be found on the site.

Literary works

Petőfi Literary Museum

1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály str. 16.

(1)-317-3611, (1)-317-3450

Collection, databases containing several menus  and grouped, searchable repositories.

Literary, fine art works

Plus Licens Agency

An agency handling the licensing of animated and fairy tale figures and representing the rightholders.

Cartoon, animated figures, merchandising

Library of actors


Theatre plays

Walt Disney Hungary Media Service and Entertaining Ltd.

1068 Budapest, Dózsa György road 84/a.

(1) 555-1200

The limited company handles the licensing of any kind of Walt Disney figures.

Cartoon, animated figures, merchandising

European Licensing Company






Requesting information from the organisations usually making public the works by the types of works

Akadémia Publishing Inc..

1519 Budapest XI., Prielle Kornélia str. 19/D

(1) 464 8282


Literary works

Editio Musica Budapest Music Publishing Ltd.

Searchable by several aspects (e.g. musical instrument).

Music, music sheet

Európa Book Publishing Ltd.

1036 Budapest, Lajos str. 74-76.


Literary works

Helikon Publishing Ltd.

1066 Budapest, Nyugati sq. 1..

(1) 423-0080


Literary works

InterCom International Cultural Service Inc..

1036 Budapest, Fényes Adolf str. 23., I. fl.

(1) 467-1400



Kossuth Publishing Inc..

1043 Budapest, Bocskai str. 26.

(1) 888-9100


Literary works, music

Líra Book Inc..


(1) 337-7333



Literary works music, films


Mokép-Pannónia Film Producing and  Distributing Ltd.

1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zs. road 7.

(1) 267-8513

Information about rightholders of films.


Móra Book Publishing Inc.

1134 Budapest,Váci road 19.

(1) 320-4740


Literary works


1037 Budapest, Kunigunda str. 64.

(1) 353-3200


Films, other audiovisuaworks

Osiris Publisher

1053 Budapest, Képíró str. 8.

(1) 266-6560


Literary works

Pest Kalligram Book Publishing and Distributing Ltd.

1094 Budapest,

(1) 216-6875


Literary works

Tűzoltó str. 8, entresol 2.


1364 Budapest, Pf. 48.

(1) 317-7246, (1) 486-4443,


Literary works

(1) 486-4445

Requesting information from persons using the work otherwise

Andrew Nurnberg Literary Agency

1123 Budapest, Győri road 20.

(1) 302 6451

The agency represents primarily English, American and German agencies and publishers.

Literary works

Music Agency of Harta

1065 Budapest, Hajós str. 13-15.

(1) 354-1287

Its main task is to represent Hungarian authors' works in the domestic and international market, as well as to represent foreign rightholders' catalogues (European publishers, English and American rightholders) in Hungary. The later includes to distribute the works with promotional purpose, and to draw up the conditions of license agreements and conclude such.


HOFRA Theatrical and Literary Agency

1121 Budapest, Árnyas road 38-40. "J" building fl. 1.

(1) 462-0880

The agency helps to its customers and relays between domestic as well as foreigner authors and theatres, publishers, film- and TV studios and radios.

The Agency represents the Hungarian State as rightholder (pl.: in case of Tibor Déry).

Literary works (mainly theatre plays), films

Kátai and Bolza Literary Agency

1025 Budapest, Őzgida str. 20/A.

(1) 456-0313

The agency mainly represents English and American Publishers. Not only the works of 20th century classical writers are on their list but also several contemporary authors. In their catalogue different genres can be found, criminal stories, romances, sci-fi, fantasy and children books too. The agency has informative books and the ones offered for international production as well as military and military strategy works.

Literary works

Theatrum Mundi Theatrical and Literary Agency

1022 Budapest, Csopaki str. 3/a

(1) 787 0440

The purpose of the agency is to provide for Hungarian theatres the possibility to perform contemporary foreigner - mainly English and American - authors' successful plays.

Literary works (mainly theatre plays)

Requesting information from known and detectable other authors of the work


Requesting information from authorities performing official tasks regarding the type of work

Copyright Board of Canada

On its homepage both the declined applications and given licences are available.


Forster Gyula National Heritage Protection and Property Management Centre

The centre makes available on its homepage the searchable database of archaeological sites and protective zones, monuments and the up to date data needed to identify them and containing their level of protection.






(archives of regional courts, and of counties)





The successors' identity and contact information can be found in the documents of probate process.


Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (MNV)

1133 Budapest,

Pozsonyi str. 56.

(1) 237 4400

A certificate can be issued by MNV that the work is not on the list of legacy transferring onto the Hungarian state.


U.S. Copyright Office



Advertisement in nationwide newspaper