Collective management

The collective management of rights means the enforcement of copyright and rights related to copyright which are individually non-exercisable due to the character or circumstances of use, and which are, therefore, exercised by organisations established by rightholders for this purpose (collective management organisations or CMOs) regardless of whether it is laid down by laws or is based on the decision of rightholders. Within its competence of the collective management of rights, a CMO shall determine the amount of remunerations and other conditions of use to licensing or the implementation of claims for remuneration. It also shall monitor how copyright works and subject matter of related rights are used; it shall collect and distribute remunerations, or transfer remunerations to other CMOs for distribution purposes. In addition, it shall take action if copyright or related rights are infringed.

Legal provisions regarding the collective management of rights are regulated in the Chapter XII (Articles 85-92/P.) of the Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright.

According to its legal responsabilities, the HIPO is responsible for the supervision of Hungarian CMOs and keeps the official register of them, as well as participates in the procedures on the approval of their tariffs.