Database of industrial property documents requested and registered in Hungary

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The Hungarian Patent Office will neither assume any legal responsibility for mistakes which may occur in the database in spite of a careful control, nor for the legal consequences of using the data.
In cases involving legal consequences it is advisable to check the data in the public record-keeping maintained at the Hungarian Patent Office.


Database of industrial property documents requested and registered in Hungary

E-register enables to search simultaneously all Hungarian patent, utility model, (industrial) design and trademark protection documents. It shows the current state of the specific protections; the database is updated monthly; also suitable for retrospective search.

The database version of the Gazette of Patents and Trade Marks of the Hungarian Patent Office, which makes the material of the monthly published booklets from March, 1996 separately searchable, therefore it always shows the valid state in the given month.

The pilot version of the electronic register (e-register) is a new, daily updated means of industrial property information service of the Hungarian Patent Office. First, we make available for the users the patent register based on the data open for public inspection of the applications filed after 1 January 1984 .

    List of published translated claims of European patent applications

    List of European patent applications for which European publication conferred provisional protection effective in the Republic of Hungary

    The databases of industrial property documents filed and registered abroad

    The databases suitable for search of foreign patent, trademark and industrial design documents can be found on the related industrial property websites.

      Industrial property classification systems in searchable format

      International Patent Classification, Nice, Vienna and Locarno Classifications


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