The utility model granting procedure

In order to start the granting procedure, a request, the description of the model and other relating annexes shall be filed to the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, and the filing fee specified in special legislation shall be paid.

The application shall be drawn up according to detailed formal rules specified in separate legislation (Hungarian only).

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office carries out formal and substantive examinations in the course of the procedure, but the examination does not cover the examination of the novelty and the existence of the inventive step. The examination carried out by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office does not extend to novelty and inventive step. If the application meets other requirements prescribed by the Law, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office grants protection for the model. The holder of the right shall pay an annual maintenance fee prescribed by Decree No 19/2005 (IV. 12.) GKM (PDF format).

For further details of the grantig procedure, please consult the Guide.