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The HIPO is responsible for tasks related to copyright in the following fields:

The HIPO is responsible for the supervision of Hungarian collective management societies and keeps the official register of them, as well as participates in the procedures on the approval of their tariffs.

The HIPO keeps the voluntary register of works.  However, simply by being entered into the voluntary register, no copyright will be grated solely on this basis. It serves as a tool in order to make for the rightholders easier to prove their identity as author.

The HIPO operates the secretary of the Council of Copyright Experts and coordinates its official functions. The Council of Copyright Experts prepares advisory opinions upon the request of courts, authorities and other persons which facilitates the enforcement of decisions in specific issues arising in copyright-related legal disputes.

The HIPO grants licences for the use of orphan works. “Orphan” is a work in case – despite of the measures taken for the search of the author – the identity of its author is unknown or the author cannot be located, thus legitimat use  of such work is prevented. The HIPO keeps a register of orphan works to be used upon the authorisation it granted, and provides a search database, as well as forwards requests of use issued by beneficiary institutions towards the Office for Harmonization ion the Internal Market, in accordance with the Directive 28/2012/EU as implemented in Hungarian legislation.