Council of Copyright Experts

Disputes over copyright matters are complicated, assuming to take into consideration several aspects at the same time and therefore require special expertise.

The Council of Copyright Experts (hereinafter referred as to: Council) generally provides advisory opinion in copyright disputes for the request of courts and other authorities, however an opinion can be requested by the parties concerned in out-of-courts disputes or before dispute settlement as well. An advisory opinion can help in solving the arising disputes (or even to avoid a long and costly court procedure) since it can give a lead about the legal adjudication of the case and may indicate a way to settle it.

Even more preferred when the parties have an agreement to turn to the Council with the disputed copyright matter and decide to accept the Council’s decision as binding upon them (similarly to a resolution in arbitration). Each party may turn to the Council on its own accord as well, however, the other party is not obliged to accept the resolution concluded by the Council. In this case the disputed matter still can be taken to court where the resolution facilitates, or could determine the court’s decision.

In order to request an advisory opinion, please contact the Secretariat of the Council. On the page of the Council you can find the contact information of the Secretariat, the fee of such opinion and other relevant information.

Please note that the official language of the Council is Hungarian and the opinions are based on the Hungarian legislation in force. However, in case you may need the opinion in English or any other language, an attested translation can be obtained at the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI).