Events of the World Intellectual Property Day until now

Events of the World Intellectual Property Day until now

In the year 2000, the General Assembly of the UN World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO, Geneva) decided to declare 26 April of each year to be a day dedicated worldwide to the protection of the activities and the achievements by technical creators and artists who excel in contributing to social development and progress at a worldwide scale.

All over the world, the industrial law protection and copyright authorities - also including the Hungarian Patent Office (HPO) - have been organising diverse programmes, events, campaigns and initiatives in order to fulfil the jointly undertaken objective: highlighting creative force, popularising the protection of intellectual property as well as recognising the related arduous activities through social attention. Right from the beginning, the HPO has marked out three closely related efforts for its festive action programme:

  • declarations by prominent personalities requested - as Hungarian creators - to interpret the programmes and the messages of the worldwide organisation,

  • banding together special and extraordinary cultural events, whereby the official support to plans and developments can lead to permanent results in order to make up for deficiencies,

  • combining ars and techné in a manner that the HPO recognises with its Millennium Prize the operation of institutions that excel in cultivating, mediating and protecting the Hungarian culture of arts and technology.


Millennium award winers