(1839 - 1903)



Kühne completed his studies in Köln. He arrived in Hungary in 1862, and with Robert Ludwig he purchased the Pabst and Krauss agricultural machinery repair workshop in 1863. Among other things, Kühne improved the horse-drawn seedingmachine. After 1869 when he became the workshop's sole proprietor, achieved significant improvements there and developed it into a nationally recognized agricultural machinery factory of great importance. In 1874 the plunger disk horse-drawn seed-drill appeared on the market. His factory's products received many special medals between 1869 and 1875. Ede Kühne's industrial activities were rewarded with several distinctions.


"Hungária Drill" seed-drill (1874)

The plunger disk horse-drawn seed-drill marked the beginning of local mechanization of seeding. Within this seeding machine, the dipping cylinders/disks formed a reliable and accurate seeding mechanism.The dipping cylinders/disks were driven directly by the running wheels. The simultaneous lifting of drill hoes and dipping cylinders/disks was achieved by pushing a lever.

At the Paris World Fair in 1878 it received the silver medal as a 1st prize. At the Fair in Vienna in 1890, the 10,000th Hungária Drill seeding machine was exhibited.