The Registration Procedure of Geographical Indications

The Registration Procedure of Geographical Indications

After filing the application for registration of the geographical indication the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as "Office") examines, whether the application satisfies the requirements for according a day of application (Section 51 Point a) APT).

List of Products

The basic requirement of a geographical indication application is the list of products (Section 5 Subsection (1) Point d) of the Decree No. 16/2004. (IV.27.) IM), which contains the list of those products of which the protection of geographical indication has been requested. When preparing the list of products, the product marked by a geographical indication is to be classified into a product class according to the Nice Agreement.E.g. 33rd class: plum-brandy, peach-brandy, bull's blood, aszú wine, etc.

Application Fee

The application fee is to be paid in to the Office's budgetary account and the case number is to be indicated. The fee is payable within two months after the day of application.


The Office informs the applicant about the acknowledged day of application for the application (Section 51 APT). If the application complies with the requirements necessary for the acknowledgment of the date of filing, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office carries out the formal (Section 59 APT) and substantive (Section 61 APT) examinationns.


If the sign and the geographical indication comply with all requirements of the examination procedure (Section 1 Point a) APT), the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office grants protection for the sign as geographical indication (Section 64 APT). The Office issues a trademark certificate to which the extract from the Register is annexed.