Supported research

How to research trademarks and geographical indications?


Supported research

Research of trademarks and geographical indications is an activity that requires special knowledge and experience, therefore it is recommended to visit the customer service of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office personally where research can be conducted based on electronic and traditional data carriers with the help and guidance of our specialists.


Individual research

On the Internet numerous databases are available, which usually accelerate orientation. During research it is recommended to use the Vienna Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks and the Nice Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks. If the research does not call forth adequate documents in the databases, it does not necessarily mean that such documents do not exist.


1. Research of trademarks valid in Hungary

PIPACS Hungarian industrial property database - Basic tool of research of trademarks valid in Hungary, and trademark applications, which contain

How to use? PIPACS case studies: trademark research

  • trademark applications filed in Hungary via the national procedure already published, and data of trademarks registered on the basis of these,

  • data of international trademarks filed and registered in Hungary in the frame of the Madrid Agreement or the Madrid Protocol,

  • the data of already published geographical indication applications filed in Hungary and the data of registered geographical indications

Important warning:
The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office will neither assume any legal responsibility for mistakes which may occur in the database in spite of a careful control, nor for the legal consequences of using the data.In cases involving legal consequences it is advisable to check the data in the certificated record-keeping maintained at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.


2. Research of foreign trademarks

  • MadridExpress- the database of so-called international trademarks filed on the basis of the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol and the database of international appellations of origin registered on the basis of the Lisbon Agreement

    How to use? MADRID EXPRESS: database of international trademarks on the home page of WIPO

  • CTM ONLINE - the database of European Community trademark applications and registered trademarks

    How to use? CTM-Online - trademark research on the home page of the Community Office for Trademarks and Designs

  • Further databases containing foreign trademarks

When using the databases, their data content and the applicable research techniques have to be paid attention to.


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