Supported research

How to research trademarks and geographical indications?


Supported research

Research of trademarks and geographical indications is an activity that requires special knowledge and experience, therefore it is recommended to visit the patent library of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office personally where research can be conducted with the help and guidance of our specialists.


Individual research

On the Internet numerous databases are available, the information in demand determines the one, in which the research can be executed most effectively. During research it is recommended to use the Nice Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks and - in case of figurative marks - the Vienna Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks. With regard to that  the result of research depends on the content of the database, the mistakes occurred in the database and the searching strategy, the fact that if the research does not call forth adequate documents, it does not necessarily mean that such documents, trademarks do not exist.


1. Research of trademarks and geographical indications valid in Hungary

IP search is a database of the HIPO available for the general public, which makes detailed search possible in the data of the electronic register of HIPO, as well as in the data of the international and Community industrial property titles of protection effective on the territory of Hungary.

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office's e-search database covering all industrial property titles of protection - as the only complete domestic source of industrial property information - replaces the Public Industrial Property Aggregate Collection for Search (PIPACS) from 1 June 2011. From this time on, we can offer access to a wider range of the public wealth of data, as compared to previously, with the help of the documents attached to the e-search database.
With the Simple search interface users may search all titles of protection in the database - with the help of this service one can map the entire industrial property portfolio of an institution.

Selecting "Trademarks" or "Geographical indications" within the Advanced search one can get answers to complex queries within the relevant trademarks and geographical indications.


2. Research of foreign trademarks

  • eSearch plus  - the database of European Community trademark applications and registered trademarks

    How to use? eSearch plus - trademark research on the home page of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market


When using the databases, their data content and the applicable research techniques have to be paid attention to.

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