János Frecskay Special Library

János Frecskay Special Library

The library operates as a public special library, which offers the readers a unique collection in the field of intellectual property.

Use of library

In accordance with Article 56 of Act CXL of 1997 on museums, public library provision and general education, the library offers the following services.

Basic services free of charge: visit of the library, local use of the reference books and the collections in intellectual property, history of science and technology, use of the public catalogue. Certain data of the readers using the free services may be recorded.
By registration to the library, advanced services may be used (special information supply, loans, search in literature, etc.).
Reference book, periodicals, theses, and certain protected documents may not be borrowed.
Registration fee (incl. VAT): HUF 1220 / reduced fee: HUF 610.
The registration fee covers a period of 12 months following the date of registration. The readers registered may borrow the documents of the library free of charge.
Children under the age of 16, adults over 70, and the librarians may use the services of the library without paying a registration fee.
Readers specified in Decree 6/2001 (I. 17.) Korm. are entitled to a reduced registration fee.

Fee for delay (incl. VAT): HUF 610 / day / document

Readers who do not return the borrowed documents even within the time limit extended twice are obliged to pay a fee for delay.


The collection of the Frecskay Special Library consists of 24,000 volumes of books, many theses, and foreign and Hungarian professional periodicals.The library also collects, processes, systematizes and preserves national and international industrial property documents, in particular Hungarian patent and utility model documents.

Information on industrial property literature

A thematic bibliography of articles on industrial property was published in printed form in the Industrial Property and Copyright Review until June 2006; since July 2006 it has been searchable electronically in the online catalogue.

Online catalogue

In the online catalogue the whole collection of the library can be found, including the information published in intellectual property periodicals, and complex and flexible retrieval is possible. Information is daily updated.

The new electronic catalogue offers a lot of search possibilities that could not be used earlier. Among others, it is suitable for search by languages; the details of all articles disclosed and published in a given periodical can be displayed by a single search; and it permits to monitor the articles by year.


You can put your questions by phone or by e-mail:
Rita Tóth: +36-1 474-5520
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