Trademark services

Trademark services

Trademark Search

It is worth conducting a full-range trademark search before filing a trademark application or while protecting an already registered trademark. With the help of this service the customer can get an overview on the relevant signs under registration or protected as trademark.

The Preliminary Search Report

  • provides information to the decision making whether to file a trademark application for registration;
  • enables to avoid infringing the rights of others arising from trademark protection with the use of a sign (e.g. while looking for a new company name or domain);
  • provides information whether any measures are to be taken (e.g. initiating an opposition proceeding) against a trademark application or a registered trademark in order to protect the rights of the trademark owner.

This full-range trademark search is conducted by the and the customer will receive an optimised search report (a so-called preliminary search report) on the findings of this search. The scope of the search shall include the Hungarian national and Community trademarks and trademark applications, further, international trademarks and trademark applications designating Hungary.

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