IPeuropAware project

IPeuropAware project

IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SME project with participation of 19 National Patent Offices


The project started in 2007 under the participation of 19 National Patent Offices. IPeuropAware will boost the cooperation among the national offices.  Central for the project (see project summary here) are the intellectual property protection services of the national offices. The project aims the common development of these services, the exchange of experience and the adoption of best practices.

The study "Planning local actions for Intellectual Property Awareness and Enforcement Services" was completed in the scope of the IPeuropAware project under the leadership of the Hungarian Patent Office. "The main aim of this study is to identify and evaluate the participating Member States' innovation strategies with special regard to the IP awareness level and enforcement practices of SMEs. Part of this aim is to analyse the existing services of NPOs in the 20 partner countries in order to recommend them new awareness raising and enforcement related services."

Further goals of the project are the improvement of the SMEs' intellectual property rights management and the approvement of enforcement activities against counterfeiters coming from inside and outside of the European Union. Here is the spreading of IP knowledge among the SME's is essential. To attain these targets the project member offices organise seminars, trainings and information events. The offices cooperate with each other in the field of syllabus and help each other by choosing the best suited training tools. The seminars are coordinated by the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor and activities in the field of the law enforcement are aligned by Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

The offices will also introduce new customer services in the scope of the IPeuropAware project which suit the quality assurance requirements of the project and they improve the already provided services according to the claim of the SMEs under the leadership of the German office.

In addition to the increase of awareness and to the spreading of law enforcement knowledge the project connects two European initiatives: the InnovAccess homepage which was created by the national patent offices. The homepage provides general information on domestic and international intellectual property rights to SMEs and academics in Europe. The other initiative is the IPR-Helpdesk service which is an assistance program and an educational instrument for the participants of the Framework Programme of the EU. The IPR Bulletin helps to spread news on IP and Community research and innovation programmes.

For further information please visit the official homepage of the IPeuropAware project.

The IPeuropAware project is financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Comission.


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