Thália Theatre, Budapest


István Fodor, president of the Hungarian EU Enlargement Business Council
Greeting by Gál Péter Molnár, theatre critic, related by: Róbert Alföldi
Miklós Bendzsel, president of the Hungarian Patent Office

Prize winners:

Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest Music Center
Vincze Publisher
College of Theatre and Film Studies


Etchno - a part performed by: TÁP Theatre
Bartók: Improvisations on Hungarian folk songs, performed by: Tamás Érdi, pianist
Poems of Lajos Parti Nagy, related by Tünde Murányi and Roland Rába, actors
"Thierry de Mey: Musique de Table
Aurél Holló: José beFORe JOHN5
Otea - traditional music, Tahiti, performed by: Amadinda Percussion Group"
"György Ligeti: Metamorphosis Nocturnes
performed by the Keller String Quartet"
"Szolojev-Szedoj-Zaharov: Gopak
performed by: Balázs Delbó, ballet dancer"
"Poems of Lajos Parti Nagy
related by: Tünde Murányi and Roland Rába, actors"
"Saint-Saëns: Samson and Delilah - Delilah's Aria
Bizet: Carmen - Habanera
performed by: Apollónia Szolnoki, opera singer"
"Presser - Bergendy jun.: Why have you left me?
Aretha Franklin: Respect
performed by: Náray Erika, actress-jazz singer and her ensemble"
"Lionel Richie - Delbó: Solitude
performed by: Balázs Delbó, ballet dancer"
Performance by the Besh o droM Ensemble