Uránia National Cinema, Budapest


Norbert Kroó, vice president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
István Szabó, Oscar prize winner film director
Miklós Bendzsel, president of the Hungarian Patent Office

Prize winners:

Hungarian Museum for Electrotechnics
Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
John von Neumann Computer Society
Odeon Art Video Publisher


Documentary entitled "Magyar Műhely" (Hungarian Workshop) based on the elements of technology- and patent-related reports selected from the archives of the Hungarian National Film Archive
Film etudes entitled "from Europe to Europe": what are you bringing, what should you bring into the EU from your occupation-related treasures, from your own experience and from our culture heritage during the "post-Acropolis" times; how do you view our contribution to universal (European) arts and created reality; what would you quote and from whom out of Hungarian archives and collections? Creators: Ildikó Enyedi, Benedek Fliegauf, Miklós Jancsó, Zsolt Kézdi-Kovács, Elemér Ragályi, János Rózsa, Pál Sándor, Sándor Sára, István Szabó, Ferenc Török. Producer: János Rózsa, director of Objektív Stúdió.
Concert by the Ghymes Band