Dear Participant,

Dear Participant,

One of the most inspiring features of the Community trade mark is the coexistence of rights. The parallel operation of national, international and community trade mark systems presumes highly sophisticated and complex measures in the legal framework, which are probably well-known among the trade mark experts in and outside Europe. The primary aim of the Conference is to introduce the praxis behind the legal provisions of the Community Trade Mark Regulation and the national trade mark acts, and to highlight some particular challenges which the users and offices have to face during their everyday work.

The importance of dialogue and cooperation between the OHIM and national offices is indispensable for the proper operation of the trade mark systems. New forms of technical cooperation among the offices can increase the efficiency, and enhance the performance, of both the national offices and OHIM. The creation of the Cooperation Fund will open a new chapter in the promotion and development of trade mark and design protection in Europe.

I feel honoured that Mr. António Campinos, Chairman of the Adminsitrative Board of OHIM, has undertook the patronage of the Conference.

The event will involve presentations and expert discussions covering the issue of the relationship between the Community and national trade mark systems. The valuable experience of the professional representatives in the field of coexistence of trade mark rights will be the main subject of the presentations complemented by the approach of the right holders. The geographical scope of the genuine use of the Community trade mark has attracted more and more attention in the last few years, therefore, the event provides an excellent opportunity for the presentation of the issue and encourages fruitful expert discussions on it.

The organizers count on your participation to make the Conference a great success. We look forward to seeing you in Budapest on 3rd November 2009.


Dr. Miklós Bendzsel
Hungarian Patent Office