Design Management Award

„The Award aims to showcase how effectiveness and competitiveness of an organization can be enhanced by a design-driven approach, the use and professional management of design, and to acknowledge the best examples.”

The Design Management Award (DMD) was created by the Hungarian Design Council in 2009 to foster the integrated use of design.

DMD invitations, evaluations

The award is announced by the Council in early spring every year. Apart from the jury members, anyone can submit a nomination (self-nominations are also accepted). The evaluation is done by the jury, on the basis of the documentation submitted, by examining the following aspects of assessment:

  • design integration;
  • innovation;
  • application of design;
  • effectiveness of design.

The awarded organization is granted a prize of HUF 1 million (gross amount) and a certificate of acknowledgement. Awards are handed over on the official ceremony of the Hungarian Design Award.

History of the Award

The Award has made the general public familiar with the concept and essence of design management, demonstrated the exceptional results of the application of design and showcased the opportunities of company management strategies to the decision-makers in the last five years of its existence. The recent years have proved that design management is an important tool on every economic area: the awarded organizations include SMEs, non-profit organizations and profit-oriented firms specialized in design as well. Besides the increasing number of nominators, the proportion of companies from Budapest and from the countryside became well balanced in the group of nominees. Colourful as they are, award winners have one thing in common: success through design. Long-lasting results serve as a guarantee for a bright future of the award.

For more information please contact:

Anna Beáta Jankó
project manager
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