Winner of the Design Management Award 2023

Award winner

77 Electronics Ltd

Fotó: HORVÁTH Miklós

Jury statement

Representing the traditionally progressive Hungarian health industry, this family-owned business at the forefront of product development for more than 35 years is one of the flagships with globally successful product lines.

In the medical diagnostics sector highly reliable, heavy-duty, ergonomic, easy-to-handle and durable measuring equipment for personal use as well as medical instrumental systems installed under laboratory conditions must meet especially high requirements. In this category the application of the most important components of the modern design management approach (creating user experience, design thinking, social responsibility, corporate culture) is key to professional and business success.

Being the result of a very conscious approach, the business’s palette of medical electronics focuses on the production of blood sugar monitors as well as urine analysers and their reagents, with the design and development activities carried out by the company itself along with the commercial sales. 77 Electronics Ltd owes its outstanding success of exports to more than 100 countries to its various systems – its full-scale diabetes management aspirations, its self-confident and elegant visual identity, sensitive communication, efficient service background and continuous development projects (the new version of the blood sugar monitor is number 74) – being built on each other.

A major competitive advantage of the business is that it can satisfy the different requirements, spanning from simple and flexible self-measurements to continuous glucose monitoring, at the same high standards. Moreover, embracing design thinking, it combines market demands, technological opportunities and business potential in creative ways.

The family business’s three-word slogan Family, Innovation, Quality is consistently manifest in the areas of social responsibility (successful cooperation with the Hungarian Diabetes Association), international expansion and corporate growth (OEM sales, Roche cooperation and buyouts).

77 Electronics Ltd’s strategic approach and corporate culture as well as its complex intellectual capital and potential have made it an authentic and successful ambassador promoting the thinking that is also at the heart of the Design Management Award.


A consistent identity and design are of great significance on the local markets but for a business exporting its products to more than 100 countries worldwide it is outstandingly so. Good design is even more important if the given business operates in the health sector and manufactures various diagnostic tools and equipment to end-users too as in this case it must provide products that meet the requirement of ergonomy and easy use combined with evoking trust in the end-user; furthermore, in the global arena it must remain attractive and competitive in the B2C (business-to-consumer) and the B2B (business-to-business) transactions. The overall challenge is further enhanced by the online interfaces that come with virtually every device nowadays: the user panels, applications, webpages and social media platforms of IoT devices are also expected to communicate the brand’s values, and the same applies to many other modes of representation, including exhibition stands, catalogues, advertising, and packaging.

77 Electronics is at the forefront of Hungarian businesses not only because its professional graphic identity and its main shade of colour appearing virtually on every product and interface but primarily because it committed itself to the comprehensive and strategic application of design at management level actively before the methodology of design thinking became widely known. The success of a business depends on user experience to a great extent even today, and 77 Electronics soon recognised that the seamless harmonisation of hardware and software will make the use of their products simpler and easier, which leads to greater user satisfaction, brand loyalty and, in the long term, repeat customers and a good reputation. This strategic design thinking is manifest not only in product development but also in areas such as social responsibility, corporate culture, quality policy and commitment to local community building, the latter being exemplified by the company’s active involvement in the operation of the music centre and theatre, located close to their central offices, as well as by the organisation of general screening programmes. In a sector where continued innovation is a fundamental expectation and where the rivals on an increasingly global market include international giant corporations, an indisputably huge competitive advantage can be gained from design thinking and strategy spanning from product development through process design to communication tools. The same is true for businesses operating in any area, which is why 77 Electronics serves as a role model to be followed by every Hungarian small- and medium- but even by big businesses.