Hungarian Design Award

„The objective of the Hungarian Design Award announced by the Minister for National Economy is to showcase the achievements of Hungarian design and to promote the competitiveness of Hungarian products.”

The Hungarian Design Award is announced by the Hungarian Design Council on behalf of the Ministry for National Economy in early spring every year. An international jury evaluates the entries in two rounds and the works judged by the jury as the most prominent in each category are granted the Hungarian Design Award. The makers of the award-winning works receive a certificate and a cash prize. Other works judged as excellent by the jury are invited to participate in the exhibition where they are presented to the public. The certificates are handed over at a gala ceremony at the exhibition opening. The evaluation uses the following criteria:

  • design;
  • novelty;
  • competitiveness;
  • implementation (except for the Student and Concept categories);
  • user-friendliness;
  • environmental sustainability.

History of the Award
The ‘Industrial Design Niveau Prize’ was first announced in the autumn of 1979. The award competition and the exhibition presenting the winning projects had soon become one of the key events in the Hungarian design profession. In 2003 the Hungarian Design Council reworked the structure, criteria and application system of the competition and renamed it ‘Hungarian Design Award’. The name change reflects the national character of the competition and it is in accordance with other reforms linked to the programme. The product category formerly grouped by industries was replaced by a single product category, added to which were the visual communication, concept and student categories. The application form was significantly simplified to make the application process easier.

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