Start Up Guide

Start Up Guide for entrepreneurs in the creative industries

Designers and other creative professionals rarely see themselves as “entrepreneurs” and generally posess few of the skills necessary to start a business. This electronic publication provides tools for first-time entrepreneurs willing to start a new venture in the creative industries.

The Hungarian Design Council has been responsible for administering the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant for over 25 years and thus saw from close up the extreme difficulties young creators face in the course of commercialising their creative ideas. This Guide was concieved to answer the need of our grantees who wished to learn the skills and techniques required for an entrepreneurial approach in order to turn their ideas into viable business models.

Chapters are kept short for easy reading, with frequent signposting to more detailed information. The content follows the process of starting a company, developing a  businessplan, acquiring financing and human resources, exhibiting and marketing products and services.  There is a seperate section dealing with intellectual property rights and an overview of support infrastructure, networks, subsidies focusing on creative industries. The publication is completed with an up-to-date glossary and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

The publication was first released in 2007. Under the coordination of Pressonline Communication Consultancy Ltd., almost 30 authors, all of them experienced in theoretical and practical issues, contributed to the latest, already 10th edition in 2015.                                   

The Start Up Guide for entrepreneurs in the creative industries is available only in Hungarian and can be downloaded free of charge and without restrictions in PDF format.

Celebrating the 10th edition of the Guide, a Microsite is available with up to date information and recommendations (in Hungarian only):