D E S I G N W E E K 25th September - 2nd October 2006




This is the third year that the Design Terminal Kht. has organised the autumn Design Week offering 52 events in 19 venues of Budapest from Monday to Monday.

For further information please visit the Design Week website.

Design Week started out three years ago under the auspices of the Budapest Autumn Festival but it is now an independent series of events.

This intense design campaign, sponsored by the Hungarian Design Council, focuses on the dynamism of design and explores its connection with motion and mobility. New features of the programme this year are the Design Film Days and the night-time Design Tours by tram.
The Film Days, which constitute the central core of the programme, present the prominent works and personalities of Hungarian and international design in a different field each day. Fields of design range from fashion through interior design, vehicle design, animation, national design and design workshops all the way to experimental design, offering visitors 21 unrivalled opportunities to become acquainted with the world of design.

Three nights the screenings will include Hungarian retro movies offering an amusing album of the vehicles, object culture and clothes fashion of the 1960's and 1970's.

The Romanian, French and Polish design exhibitions as well as the galleries displaying the works of Hungarian designers are focused on the subject of motion and related to the themes of the design films. They present moving objects, mobile furniture, displays and vehicles: anything that is self-propelled or moves.
This year's subject matter makes the popular Design Tours even more relevant than before. This time the tour is offered aboard Budapest's fifty- year- old trams, the famous UV trams, which are shortly to be withdrawn. This design road-show encapsulates the past, present and future of vehicle design and transport on these trams, which, brightly illuminated, cross the inner city along a special route.

The final event of the Design Week is the award ceremony for the winners of the  Hungarian Design Award 2006 in the Museum of Applied Arts. This is the most prestigious event of the profession in Hungary, marking the beginnings, the continuity and the annual evaluation of Hungarian design. The ceremony coincides with the opening of the exhibition of the best works of the year.

Clearly, the motto of this year's festival is rooted in the previous success of the even and ever growing popularity of design, but it is also inspired by the prospect of a new Design Centre shortly to be opened in Hungary, proving that design is coming to a new life and will soon be in full motion in this country, too.