Press release

Press release

9 August 2007. 

Design7 - 2007


Design Week 2007 - Design: not by chance

For the fourth consecutive year Design Terminal Kht. organises the annual Design Week in Budapest between October 8th and 14th with the patronage of the Hungarian Design Council. Following on the traditions of the previous years, the program of the week is centered around a focal theme -   the possibilities and chances offered by design. The series of events - also reaching to the frontiers of design - illuminate the fact that the intellectual content of the objects offers such an added value, expressible even in figures, that can significantly increase the chances and possibilities of a given product or business for market success. 
In addition to the eleven Hungarian exhibitions organised during the week, a wide range of international design exhibitions will open in Budapest: the environment-friendly Danish Trike, a spectacular selection of the French Observeur du Design, two exhibitions of the Prague Design Blok, the Finnish Hothouse, the Polish Knock-out Design, the German fashion designer Bianca Koczan, and the Estonian Tarmo Luisk.
The presentation of the materials and the winners of the 2007 Hungarian Design Awards in the Museum of Applied Arts is the most prestigious event of the Design Week.
The festival of graphic designers and typographers called I. Graphifest is being organised for the first time this year, in the framework of which the results of the Golden Drawing Pin Award (Aranyrajzszög Díj) and the Helvetica in Hungary will be presented. In addition to this the material of four international competitions will be shown in the framework of exhibitions, award ceremonies and lectures.
The two day workshop organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Design Council will muster up prestigious international lecturers and some of the most decisive actors of Hungarian design. The workshop focusing on the management of intellectual property aims at supporting the work of active designers and newcomers.
A program called the Pilot Route (Próbajárat) showcasing the work of 80 newly graduated Hungarian designers in 60 shops is also being organised to offer a chance of introduction to the wider public.
The Design Week Info Points scattered around some of the busiest plazas of the city equipped with maps and alternative street furniture will help visitors know their way around the more than 70 events while offering the possibility to lounge and get acquainted with environmental design.

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