Announcement of Winners of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award in the Museum of Applied Arts


Designers make a hit with sporty and smart ideas

The most prestigious awards of the design profession in Hungary, the Design Management Award 2014 and the Hungarian Design Award, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary, are going to be given to their winners in the Museum of Applied Arts on 6 October.

The Awards of the Hungarian Design Council, which are announced for the 35th time by the Ministry of National Economy, will be adjudged in the categories of products, visual communication, plan and student work by a jury of noted designers and experts.

Visitors to the exhibition of the Hungarian Design Award will see the masterpieces of Hungarian gastro-design, "smart" solutions and ideas supporting a sustainable way of life this autumn. Apart from being the most prestigious award of the Hungarian design profession, the Hungarian Design Award draws the attention to the fact that based on creativeness, important perspectives may open up for the creative industry and the overall economy in Hungary. The award will be adjudged for the 35th time this year and for this occasion a special exhibition is going to be organized to depict the designs of the last 35 years. Who would not remember the iconic vintage televisions of the 80s, the packaging of Fabulon and HELIA-D cosmetics or the MARGARÉTA fans?

Beside the winner of the Hungarian Design Award, the winner of the Design Management Award by the Hungarian Design Council and six other successful organisations will get into the limelight at the exhibition. The Design Management Award, which will be given for the 6th time, is to recognize the work of various companies, organisations and institutions that strategically apply design and set a role model by using design to increase their competitiveness. The award aims to display how creativeness, innovation and the design-driven approach can be economically beneficial in Hungary.

The Museum of Applied Arts will host the winner pieces of work. The exhibition can be visited from 7 October to 2 November (address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 33-37., opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday).

As part of the award ceremony, the book "Design 35, Zsennyei Műhely – 1978-2013" by Dr. Szilágyi B. András, Lelkes Péter DLA Habil, which illustrates the 35-year history of Zsennyei Workshop, will be introduced to the audience by the authors, Simon Károly, President of the Section of Applied Arts and Design of the Hungarian Academy of Arts and dr. Bendzsel Miklós, President of the Hungarian Design Council.