Winner of the Design Management Award 2022

Award winner


Fotó/photo: Morucz-Kiss Klára

The operation and approach embraced by the fruit processing manufactory in Panyola embody the highest level of design thinking, in which creativity and inventiveness go hand in hand with an unfailing sense of style; all this combined creates the feeling of harmony and desirability in the customers and the visitors to the manufactory alike. The prominent elements of value creation through design management can all be found in Panyolium.

The Latinised name of the company, coined from the geographical name of its location, as well as its slogan-like self-definition (embrace, nature, floodplain jungle orchards) create trust and are easy to commit to memory.

The information the company provides about its orchards, cultivation, fruit processing and product range demonstrate a well-designed and tightly managed traditional approach and a focus on healthy living, while the business’s statements, which are modest but at the same time self-confident (undeservedly undervalued, worthless into valuable), initiate customers into partners in value creation.

Thanks to the exacting focus demonstrated by talented Hungarian designers, Panyolium’s identity design and thoughtful self-representation authentically mediate values such as respect for the natural environment, while creating the impressive union of tradition and innovation through the refined application of secession, a Mediterranean feel and the virtues of visibility through design.

The company’s management and philosophy are based on the appreciation of local values, while the traditions – from the use of willow trays through the exclusive use of woof-firing to planting and colonisation aimed at preserving biodversity – facilitate the implementation of a complete cycle.

Panyolium’s sales activity, strengthened by a show manufactory, an initiation approach and the nurturing of a communal identity, is realised in the online space and supported by the sympathy of the users and potential customers.

The small-size business run by István Mórucz stands as an example of experience farming anchored in value creation through authenticity and a farmer/trader with a subtle sense for design. The Design Management Award 2022 is not only a well-deserved recognition of Panyolium but it can well inspire all ‘the initiated’ to sing the praises of Pannonia.


In the north-eastern corner of Hungary there is a region called Panyola, where, embraced by three rivers, the so-called ‘flood-plain jungle orchards’ give people bountiful crops.

Using traditional methods and no preservatives, artificial colourants, nor added sugar, the Panyolium manufactory makes dried fruit, jams, teas and chocolates from the region’s plums, sour cherries, pears and its indigenous Milota walnut. The raw materials for the products are provided by the fruit grown on the owners’ own land and infusions made from herbs free from herbicides and pesticides. The immune system of the plants are fortified with biological conditioners to make them resistant to diseases on their own. The area of the orchard is increased year by year and the preservation of biodiversity is an important priority during the cultivation. The products are made exclusively from premium quality, fresh raw materials but fruit that is of the highest quality albeit aesthetically not perfect is used in their teas made with dried fruit, for example. Every single product is rich in natural fibres and antioxidants and has a low calory content. Only traditional elements are used for processing the fruit and other procedures: for example, the fruit is placed in handwoven willow trays before it goes into the dryer. Renewable energy sources are exclusively used for fruit drying and jam making, and firewood is often sourced from the cut-down trees left over whenever the orchard is refreshed.


The brand image, with every single element of it, is thoroughly thought through, resulting in a unified and distinct appearance. Panyolium is easy to recognise on every platform, be it printed, digital, on the webpage and on social media. Special attention is devoted to the packaging, which is jointly designed by the owners and Hungarian designers. Following the brand’s philosophy, Panyolium draws its inspiration from the natural environment and sustainability, with their goal being to harmonise tradition and innovation. The exterior and interior spaces of the manufactory were designed in the same spirit. The main raw material in the buildings is wood, the interiors are furnished with wooden pieces and decorated with wicker baskets, while genre scenes of local people are hanging on the walls. The heart of the manufactory is the shop, where, besides buying the products, customers can become familiar with the whole production process. Moreover, groups coming here between early spring and late autumn are given guided tours.


The concept of the brand is aimed at premium quality, naturalness and sustainability, which can be found across the entire spectrum of the business. The brand philosophy pervades every aspect of Panyolium’s operation from bio-farming through processing and product development all the way to the visual identity elements.