Design for Growth and Prosperity

EDDI meeting - Helsinki



Design for Growth and Prosperity, the report by the European Design Leadership Board contains 21 concrete policy recommendations to the European Commission on how we could make better use of design as a driver of growth and a tool for competitiveness.


In line with the commitment taken in the Innovation Union, DG Enterprise and Industry asked the European Design Leadership Board (EDLB), a group of 15 experts from industry, SMEs, national and regional innovation agencies and the academic world, to provide recommendations on how to enhance the role of design in innovation policy in Europe at the national, regional or local level and to develop a joint vision, priorities and actions, and thenceforth to integrate design as a part of innovation policies in Europe.

The EDLB presented its recommendations to Vice-President Tajani in September 2012 at the European Design Innovation Summit in Helsinki. Taking a broad-based view of design, the Leadership Board identified twenty-one policy recommendations in six strategic areas for design action.

  • Differentiating European design on the global stage
  • Positioning design within the European innovation system
  • Design for innovative and competitive enterprises
  • Design for an innovative public sector
  • Positioning design research for the 21st century
  • Design competencies for the 21st century

As the European economy continues to face challenges, the report opens up new visions of growth.

Edited by Michael Thomson, Design Connect and Tapio Koskinen, Aalto University

Download Design for Growth and Prosperity.

BEDA is the Bureau of European Design Associations. It was formed in 1969 as the representative body for professional designers’ associations within the European Union.

The Hungarian Design Council has been a member of BEDA from 2005, and contributes to promote the value of design and innovation to the European economy.

30 September 2012