Design issues in Europe today

BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations) issued a volume of studies entitled "Design issues in Europe today". The aim of the volume is a broader understanding of design and its potential in the context of the European Union. The studies present the value that design creates, its role within innovation, its potential to increase competitiveness and support Europe 's position as a world leader.

Good design is at the same time a good business. In other words, good design is more than designing aesthetic and ergonomic products, as it is also in the centre of business process, which adds new value to products and services and creates new markets.

Design is, however, not only a precondition for market success, but it also may develop and enrich the material culture of our everyday life - our home, working place and public places. Design is a tool of exceptional force both for reviving traditions and mirroring the present-day feeling towards life, which is not less than the expression of our own world concept.

The editor arranged the studies around four topics; numerous well-known experts of the fields of innovation, social responsibilities, culture and education contributed to the volume.

The original English version can be found in full on the homepage of BEDA. The abridged Hungarian translation was commissioned by the Hungarian Design Council.