poster exhibition, Prague-–Budapest, the Czech founded website aims to promote and publicise Central, Eastern and Southeastern European design on an international level. The blog gives ground to the presentations of designers from the region. As an extension of its activities the online portal, in cooperation with the Prague International Airport, has put on a show of 24 large posters in the terminals. The curated selection of contemporary design works from Central and Eastern Europe can be seen until 29th December 2011. The project aims to provide a snapshot of designers' work, to show the characterised contemporary design of the region and its object culture, for which the location with its large number of international passengers is an excellent choice. Hungary is represented in the exhibition by Noemi Gera's jewels and by the lamps of A + Z Design studio. The Hungarian Design Council is a professional partner of the programme. In parallel with the opening of the Prague exhibition, the posters were on display also in downtown Budapest during the Budapest Design Week at the beginning of October.

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