BUDAPEST DESIGN WEEK 2012 - SLOW DESIGN28th September - 7th October 2012

In 2012 Budapest Design Week is organised for the 9th time in a row. The event series realised with the participation of 300 cooperating partners attracts 60 thousand visitors year after year. The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office remains the sponsor with the Hungarian Design Council serving as the patron of the desigfest organised by Design Terminal.

Slow Design - is the slogan of Budapest Design Week this year. It means slowing down and filling your life with content and profundity.
The so-called "Slow Movements" induce more considerate consumption in the hope of a better life quality, a more content and composed living, in the hope of social and cultural sustainability. Slow Movement emerging from the anomalies of consumer societies and globalisation began in Rome when the world first met the concept of Slow Food. It has since broadened and conquered all fields of life (e.g. Slow Life, Slow Cities, Slow Gardening, Slow Science, Slow Sex, Slow Money, Slow Fashion, Slow Travel, Slow Living, Slow Parenting, etc.). The different branches of Slow Movement intervene, they are practically intact and that is true about Slow Design, as well.

The concept of Slow Design took root in the design profession a decade ago; above all it refers to a democratic and holistic approach to designing, by taking the entire life-cycle of objects into consideration it is a responsible and conscious design practice focusing on the long-term impacts of design, it believes in sustainable development, in regionalism and cultural diversity, in local values and uniqueness. Longer and deliberate design processes devote more time to research, to social and environmental impact tests, and fine tuning. It strives to create a new quality while relying on local materials and resources thus strengthening local communities.

Following on the initiative launched last year, Budapest Design Week welcomes Finland as the guest of honour in 2012.
The festival opening exhibition to be created in a close to 400 m2 space explores the concept of Slow Design by making a selection from international and local examples.
Design Week's traditional programs are also dedicated to Slow Movement this year. The Open Studios initiative, the Design Week Discount, the Design Tours and Design Week Gastro direct the attention to the city's cultural, architectural and gastronomic values and help to explore the hidden or never realised local treasures with the guidance of experts. The workshops organised for adults and children invite for creation and recycling in the name of the DIY objectives of Slow Movements. Similarly to the previous four years, a star designer guest will also be invited and a design-related conference will be organised.

If you would like to have further information about taking part in the program of the Budapest Design Week please find further information on web site, or contact Rita Mária Halasi, curator at the rita [961] halasi [169] designterminal [961] hu e-mail address.

Deadline for applications: 15th of May 2012