Award-winning Hungarian design in Delft - an exhibition from the best projects of the Hungarian Design Award


It's an exceptionally joyful moment when the achievements of Hungarian design are tested by international audiences. Such occasions are more than mere presentations of attractive objects since they provide a wonderful opportunity to promote the competitiveness of Hungarian design in the international arena as well as to introduce the players in those areas that strengthen the position of design - such as education, the private sector and consumers - and build relations with them. The best designs of the Hungarian Design Award, the most prestigious domestic recognition in the field, can be seen for a month, starting from 24 November 2011, in Delft, in the vicinity of the Dutch royal capital of the Hague, whose porcelain industry and innovative intellectual centre, the prominent Delft University of Technology, is greatly respected by the international design profession.  

Since its establishment, the objective of the Hungarian Design Award has been to recognise outstanding design achievements. The award, which, similarly to previous years, was presented to the winners at the Design Week Budapest programme series this autumn, was announced by the Hungarian Design Council on behalf of the Ministry for National Economy. The open competition, which looks back on a history of thirty-two years welcomes entries in four categories: product, concept, visual communication and student. The Delft exhibition realised in conjunction with Margit Tamás Art & Business Concepts will showcase designs from the past eleven years testifying to the innovative thinking and diversity of Hungarian designers: the best works of previous years will be displayed on posters, while visitors will be able to see this year's award-winners - including the internationally recognised COCODICE developmental game family, the Relaxation Floating Cabin, the pop-up book inspired by a poem of the famous Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti, and the Nissyoku lamp, which was one of the best designs in the student category - in their physical reality.

The exhibition opening will take place at 6:15 p.m. on 23 November 2011. Those participating in the ceremony will be welcomed by Miléne Junis, Delft's deputy mayor in charge of cultural affairs, after which opening speeches will be given by Gyula Sümeghy, Hungary's ambassador to the Hague, Rita Mária Halasi, the curator of Design Week Budapest, and Cees de Bont, the dean of the Industrial Design Faculty of the Delft University of Technology.     

The Delft exhibition forms part of the Made in Hungary PLUS programme series, which, on the day after the opening, will also include a Dutch-Hungarian business meeting and seminar focusing on the most recent Hungarian patents and products. The event was co-organised by the Hungarian Design Council, Margit Tamás, a professor at the Architecture Faculty of Delft University of Technology, the Hungarian Business Network facilitating Dutch-Hungarian business relations, the Hague office of the National Foreign Economic Office established to support the foreign economic activity of Hungarian small- and medium-sized businesses, and the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in the Hague.   

The exhibition will run from 24 November to 22 December 2011 and can be seen by visitors in the afternoon hours from Wednesday to Sunday.

Exhibition venue: Westvest 41, 2611 AZ Delft, the Netherlands
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday: 4 p.m.- 10 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: 12 a.m.- 6 p.m.