Hundreds of people celebrated the World Industrial Design Day 2011

29 June 2011 Budapest

The first World Industrial Design Day was announced on the 29th June 2007 for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of International Council of Societies of International Design (Icsid). This day is an occasion to celebrate design for the participants of design scene in all over the world. The Hungarian Design Council also commemorated this day together with its professional partners.

Joining to the international movement, the Museum of Applied Arts was not just free to visit this day, but also offered special design related programs. Hundreds of museum visitors' attention focused on design. In the Ceremonial hall the Museum of Applied Arts gave place to a small exhibition, presenting contemporary design art-pieces, such as István Esztány's Expanding bags, Lenke Illésy's red and black Maternity clothes or Noémi Gera's Stamp rings. Beside the works by some Hungarian Design Award holders, and some László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant holders, a young polish artist's work was also displayed. Agnieszka Nabielec a polish graphic designer currently lives and works in Hungary. Her work was a symbolic part of the exhibition, since a day after Hungary handed over the European Union Presidency of the Council to Poland. As a supplementary program visitors were invited to watch a slide-show about contemporary design art-pieces, made by the members of the Studio of Young Designers' Association (FISE). Both the exhibition and the presentation of characteristic design pieces represented the colourfulness of contemporary design reminding the theme of this year: How does industrial design improve your life?

The program's co-operating partners were: Museum of Applied Arts, Studio of Young Designers' Association (FISE), League of Hungarian Fine-art and Design Creators (MKISZ), Hungarian Design Council (MFT),

Icsid's Photo Gallery from worldwide for celebrating World Industrial Design Day 2011: