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15 December 2023

Seasons Greatings

06 November 2023

This year we celebrated design together again

Photo: Balázs Mohai

The festive series of Budapest Design Week’s (BDW) programmes marking its 20th anniversary has concluded.

06 October 2023

Budapest Design Week launched on big anniversary Hungarian Design Awards and Design Management Award announced

Budapest Design Week celebrates a special anniversary this year.

29 June 2023

Design - Visions for the Future

Come and discover the future! Design businesses through the eyes of women!

15 June 2023

BEDA welcomes new President and Vice President

22 December 2021

Season's Greetings

Karácsonyi köszöntés
30 November 2021

WDO names TRASHPRESSO as recipient of World Design Impact Prize 2021

26 March 2021

BEDA announced as one of the first partners of the New European Bauhaus Initiative

Along with twelve other diverse organisations across Europe, BEDA − of which Hungarian Design Council is a member organisation since 2005) has been designated as one of the first Partners of the New European Bauhaus.

23 February 2021

The application process has opened for the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant 2021

The application period for the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant has started. Projects can be submitted by young designers and design theory researchers until 1 April 2021.

22 February 2021

World Design Impact Prize 2021

World Design Organization launches call for submissions for World Design Impact Prize 2021!
deadline for nominations: 31 March
deadline for submissions: 30 April

21 December 2020

Merry Christmas

17 December 2020

Budapest Design Map now available in hard copy and online

Buy your Christmas presents from Hungarian designers this year.

09 November 2020

Moholy Extra – the reporting exhibition of the grantees of 2019 has opened

Fotó: Perness Norbert

The opening ceremony presenting the projects of designers holding the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant 2019, managed by the Hungarian Design Council and celebrating its 30th jubilee, took place at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, 4 November.

02 October 2020

The Hungarian Design Awards and the Design Management Awards were Conferred on the Opening Day of the Budapest Design Week

Following the tradition of previous years, the Budapest Design Week was kicked off this year too with the Hungarian Design Awards and the Design Management Awards being conferred. Circular economy and sustainable design form the focal point of the number one festival of the design profession in 2020. Several of this year’s winning projects were closely linked to these themes thanks to solutions that were innovative and/or stood out with their low energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources. 

29 June 2020

World Industrial Design Day 2020: ″Design for Everyday Life”

Everyday design at the focus of this year’s World Industrial Design Day.

05 June 2020

Hungarian representation continues in the newly elected BEDA 2020-22 Board

During its first online General Assembly held last Friday 29th May, BEDA Member organisations from 22 European Member States plus Serbia, Switzerland and the UK, elected the new Board of Directors for the term 2020-2022, including Anna Kohut-Jankó, project manager of the HDC and welcomed three new Members from Belgium, Germany and Poland.

02 June 2020

The Winners of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant 2020 Have Been Announced

The eight winners of this year’s László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant have been announced, and the catalogue of the grantees of 2019 has been published online.

17 March 2020

Emergency measure taken at HIPO due to the coronavirus

Update: 17 March 2020

10 July 2019

Graduation Projects 2019

submit your project until 31 October!

19 March 2019



03 July 2018

Design and health

A review of the World Industrial Design Day 2018

28 June 2018


Design therapy

– Let’s celebrate the World Industrial Design Day together

18 June 2018

Anna Kohut-Jankó, Hungarian Design Council, elected to BEDA Board

BEDA members met this week in Thessaloniki, Greece, to appoint the new Board and confirm the strategy of design representation in Europe leading up to, and beyond, 2020.

07 March 2018


Grant for young, Hungarian designers:

2018 Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Announced

05 March 2018

Graduation Projects

The Graduation Projects, the design degree show of the Visegrád Group Countries is awaiting entries until 31 October.

27 November 2017

László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant

Photo: Mascher Róbert, Szombathelyi Réka

The reporting period of this year’s Grant program closed.

20 November 2017

Budapest Design Week 2017: START

Fotó: Mohai Balázs

This year’s Design Week Budapest focused on business development, digitalisation and Danish design. The program that took place for the 14th time was closed on 15 October.

06 November 2017

Design Management Award 2017

Fotó: Mohai Balázs

The Award has been given to HAMERLI / 1861 Glove Manufactory of Pécs, a company that builds activities on traditional values and professional skills in a novel way this year.

06 November 2017

Hungarian Design Award 2017

At the gala ceremony of the Hungarian Design Award 2017, Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga stressed the increasing role the creative industries play in the national economy in his speech on 6 October.

28 July 2017


Fotó: Rácmolnár Milán

The most comprehensive map of the Budapest design scene, the Budapest Design Map, has come out. Roughly 15,000 copies of the complimentary publication are available at approximately 200 spots in the capital city.

28 July 2017

Design and sustainability: virtually compulsory for enterprises today

Fotó: Perness Norbert

Main takeaways from the round-table discussion held to mark the World Industrial Design Day.

25 July 2017

Humanistic approach from graphics to wearable innovations in the second evaluation round of the Hungarian Design Award

The award winning entries and the entries to be exhibited at the Hungarian Design Award 2017 were selected in a three-day evaluation period by the jury.

26 May 2017

The first evaluation round of the Hungarian Design Award is over now

The first evaluation round of the Hungarian Design Award, which received 222 valid entries this year, took place on 24 May. In the four categories (product, visual communication, concept and student work) of the award announced by the Ministry of National Economy, most entries fell in the product category this year, displaying many innovative products, and the student category, whose popularity was even higher than that of the product category in recent years, came in second.

15 May 2017


What is essential to know to start and successfully run a small business in the creative industries?

28 April 2017

The winners of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grants 2017 were announced

Rácmolnár Milán
18 April 2017

The entry period of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program 2017 has been closed

The first evaluation round of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program of this year is over now.

13 April 2017

Budapest Design Week 2017: START

Budapest Design Week, the most important annual event of the Hungarian creative industries, is to be organised for the 14th time in 2017. 

07 April 2017

Hungarian Design Award 2017 call for entries

Applications for the award can be submitted until 3 May.

31 March 2017


31 March 2017, Budapest ... The exhibition displaying the grantees of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program 2016 was opened at the Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK) today. 

28 March 2017

Honorary President in the Board

A new Honorary President in the Hungarian Design Council.

24 November 2016

Touring exhibition showcasing Hungarian creativity and design organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Hungarian Design Council and the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - 2016. november 22.

Science and innovation form a bridge into the future spanning generations and nations. Hungary continues to add its own building blocks to this bridge in the 21st century. The travelling exhibition titled Shaping Hungary – Design in the 21st Century presents the ideas and projects of the Hungarian young designers, inventors and engineers of today with the help of a few dozen works of varying scales, confirming that they are worthy successors to the 20th-century generation that laid the foundations of Hungarian creative industries.

23 November 2016


02 November 2016

DesignEuropa Awards 2016

Finalists and Lifetime Achievement Award winner announced. 

05 October 2016

Hungarian Design in the 21st Century – Travelling exhibition and events

Paprikum:  Kaczúr György, Somnium Studio

As part of the 56th series of general meetings of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) to be held on 3-11 October 2016, the exhibition Shaping Hungary – Design in the 21st Century opens in Geneva today. The exhibition which has been organised by the State Secretary for Cultural and Science Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in partnership with the Hungarian Design Council, aims to showcase the latest outputs of Hungarian design, various works of the most talented young designers and products that are supposed to attract attention and reap success on the global markets.

23 September 2016


Fotó: Mohai Balázs
05 July 2016

Youth in Design - World Industrial Design Day in Budapest

20 June 2016

A representative of Hungary was elected a board member of the Bureau of European Design Associations!

27 May 2016

02 May 2016

The Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program 2016 has been closed

This year’s winners have been selected.

26 April 2016

Hungarian Design Award 2016 call for entries

Applications for the award can be submitted until 2 May.

25 March 2016

We are looking to find the best design management achievements!

We are awaiting nominations for the Design Management Award until 25 April.