Design Week 2005


Budapest, 14th - 23rd October.

It is for the second time that the Design Terminal Public Benefit Co. and the Hungarian Design Council arrange the Design Week, contributing 26 design events to the rich contemporary art programme of the Budapest Autumn Festival.

This year the design's role in service and education stands in focus. The two main features of the series of events are the public space design and the 125th Anniversary of the Hungarian University of Arts & Design.

The role in service is emphasized by the exhibition of the Hungarian Design Award 2005, design events in public spaces, exhibitions in street shop-windows and in Design Containers, the top designs of French companies awarded at the Observeur du Design 2005, Polish design against consumerism, Finnish Lamps enlightening the 2005 Finnish Design Year and the "Design for the Dark" Czech touring exhibition coming from New York to Budapest on the International Day of the Blind.

During the Week we introduce 12 Hungarian and 8 foreign design shows, two conferences, round-table talks, new design books and magazines at 25 venues in Budapest .

The "Design for Sale" student competition involving 7 Hungarian universities is the core event, displaying and marketing their own or foreign design in huge window cases at the biggest shopping malls.

The jubilee events mark the importance, rich tradition and innovating aims of design education , commemorating the 125-year-old Hungarian design education and the 50th anniversary of the College of Commercial Marketing & Design.

The Hungarian University of Arts & Design offers an abundant choice of programmes, including conferences, fashion shows, a design auction, a central exhibition entitled "22.000 names", Open House days, interactive "Time-ribbon a la Moebius", objects and lanterns, and fairy-lamp displays on squares as well as the 125x street festival.

Hungarian fashion design will enjoy outstanding attention in several forums, like the Fashion Festival and the second Fashion Olympics.

Overflow of awards!

It is a welcome fact that the Hungarian designers' newest achievements will also be awarded at four big reviews, first of all at the exhibition of the Hungarian Design Award 2005, the greatest professional event and annual show of the year, then at the "Design for Sale" shop-window competition, at the Golden Thumbtack Graphic Award exhibition and in the 3 categories of the Fashion Olympics.

For fun!

The very popular, all-embracing and daily Design Tours will visit 50 design shops, galleries, coffee-houses and exhibition venues with oldtimer buses.