WDO names TRASHPRESSO as recipient of World Design Impact Prize 2021

World Design Organization (WDO)® announced during a virtual World Design Talks event that TRASHPRESSO has been named as the recipient of the World Design Impact Prize™ 2021. Designed by engineering firm MINIWIZ (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei), TRASHPRESSO is the world’s first mobile waste recycling plant that transforms industrial and household trash into sustainable materials.

With an estimated 2 billion tons of waste produced annually, there is no doubt that the global waste crisis will continue to impact both environmental and human well-being. Through a unique approach based on awareness and accessibility, TRASHPRESSO aims to address the single-use plastic waste epidemic by leveraging the principles of the circular economy.

A portable unit no bigger than two refrigerators, TRASHPRESSO runs entirely on solar power to revolutionize the collection and sorting of waste, transforming trash into building materials for new products. With the ultimate goal of incentivizing upcycling for both developed and developing communities around the world, the project showcases the need to strengthen and innovate existing waste management systems and boost engagement and awareness for sustainable practices. 

"This year's World Design Impact Prize submissions enabled us to shed light on the effectiveness of design, as an agent of change, to address a vast array of issues such as water sanitation, hygiene, homelessness, education and maternal health," stated WDO President Srini Srinivasan. "We are proud to support the work of designers everywhere as they continue to innovate, create and collaborate in pursuit of a better world. Our sincere congratulations to the team behind TRASHPRESSO for their contributions towards improving communities around the world."

As the recipient of the World Design Impact Prize 2021, TRASHPRESSO hopes to “continue promoting and evangelizing upcycling around the world,” stated Jarvis Liu, TRASHPRESSO’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “This stamp of approval from the World Design Organization will not only enable us to build on our credibility, but also help to further our social, economic, environmental and community cause."

Following an open call for nominations, 10 projects were shortlisted for the World Design Impact Prize 2021 by a review panel of international experts. TRASHPRESSO was among the three finalists selected based on votes by WDO’s international membership. The other two finalists included self-cleaning water filter JERRY: The Jerrycan Waterfilter (Netherlands) and personal safety app My Safetipin (India).

The World Design Impact Prize™ was established in 2011 to honour and elevate industrial design driven projects that benefit society. With the goal of encouraging a global exchange of meaningful solutions, the award aims to bring visibility and recognition to socially responsible design initiatives around the world.

More information on the World Design Impact Prize can be found by visiting https://wdo.org/programmes/wdip/.

30 November 2021