The winners of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grants 2017 were announced

Coordinated and managed by the Hungarian Design Council (HDC) and MOME+ (the incubation project of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, the winners of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grants for the year 2017 were announced on the evening of 27 April 2017. The ceremony which closed the exhibition of the winning entries of the grant program 2016 was hosted in the Contemporary Architecture Centre.

The László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program, which dates back to almost 30 years, aims to sponsor young designers’ work and professional development by promoting the role of design in innovation. In the program that is coordinated by the Hungarian Design Council and financially managed by the Hungarian Designers’ Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd., grants for 2017 were offered by the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., and as new participants, by Nyír-Demonich Ltd. and Planet-Gép Ltd. This year, Maform Ltd., Multinetwork Ltd. and Mobilsofa Ltd. have also joined with separate tenders.

Following the opening speech of Pál Koós, designer, associate professor, director of the Design Institute of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, project manager of MOME+ and vice-president of HDC, the grant winners received their certificates from Viktor Łuszcz, president of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and the Hungarian Design Council, Zsuzsa Lázár, director of the Art school of Buda and president of the Grant Committee, and the representatives of the co-financers. The members of the Grant Committee and various experts of the involved manufacturing companies discussed about the challenges of evaluation, the expectations and new ideas in a forum talk after the announcement ceremony. The mutual benefits and success of the cooperation with manufacturers is well-reflected in the fact that Nyír-Demonich Ltd. offered grants to two young and innovative professionals and Herend Porcelain Manofactory Ltd. offered their own grant to a designer who they only met in the program. The forum talk was followed by the short presentaitons of the grant winners.

The exhibitions of the projects awarded with a grant in 2016 can be visited in the Contemporary Architecture Centre until 30 April.

List of the grant winners in 2017:

Péter Boronkay: Furniture family for Planet-Gép Ltd.

Katalin Júlia Herter: Indoor plant pot family – a Mediterranean holder phantasy for Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.

Simon Hukaya: Optifold – a metal structure produced by plate folding

Sára Kele: Nomaad – a small furniture collection for Nyír-Demonich Ltd.

Luca Kohut-Görömbei: Light collecting jewels – the use of total reflexion and other optical methods in jewel design

Gábor Benedek Kőrös: Tale

Ádám József Miklósi: ECG holter product development through the philosophy of IoT for Maform Ltd.

Ninetta Németh: Minimal wardrobe

András Vigyázó: "Delivered" furniture collection for Nyír-Demonich Ltd. 

28 April 2017