The Hungarian Design Council is publishing indispensable and up-to-date information for early-stage businesses in the creative industries over again. The Start Up Guide will be published for the 12th time to offer useful information to all the small businesses, but especially to the ones in the creative industries.

The publication that has been adapted to the requirements of the ever-changing economic environment offers help to integrate creativeness and innovation and thus to professionally assist early-stage designers and businesses in setting up and developing their businesses.

The Hungarian Design Council sees it as its mission to make the public aware of and to reinforce the positive effect design is exercising on the economy with regard to the improvement of life quality and GDP growth. This process also includes as an integral part the broadening of the entrepreneurial eco-system, the support of career beginners and the foundation of businesses in the field. The primary objective is to support the production of creative intellectual goods that are of vital importance for the Hungarian export industries.

The Start Up Guide 2017, which was prepared with an eye on the mission statement, is accessible in a PDF format free of charge for career beginning and early-stage entrepreneurs in the creative industries. Some of the new elements in the publication that was originally started in 2007 is the chapter about the links between ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Big Data’; and another chapter about the choice of risk capital programs, the law regulations affecting small businesses and the fundamental issues of company management. The publication also places more emphasis than before on small business communication, the choice of favourable credit constructions and it offers some practical advice about the preparation of presentations that would really arouse the attention of potential investors.


The Start Up Guide of the Hungarian Design Council can be downloaded from the following websites free of charge: or

15 May 2017