Humanistic approach from graphics to wearable innovations in the second evaluation round of the Hungarian Design Award

World Design Day 2017, initiated by the World Design Organisation, was celebrated by the international community at the end of June. This year’s motto was ‘thinking outside the box’ which referred to creative thinking, the fundament of all the design products.

It is not a coincidence that the second evaluation round of the Hungarian Design Award along with the professional programs related to World Design Day was scheduled precisely for the same period by the Hungarian Design Council. Winners in the various categories and the ones that were granted the opportunity of being exhibited were selected in a 3-day evaluation period.

Although the winners are not disclosed until the date of the award ceremony, we may say that one can see certain trends even if winners come from practically all the areas of design. A field with a special concern is human-centred design approach that tries to build the combination of form and function around the human body, let it be products or services. Businesses focusing on hardware developments that commission professional designers to design their products are gaining an increasing amount of attention in Hungary as well. These companies usually have their entries in the category of smart and wearable products. Topics related to health and the preservation of health was also very popular with applicants this year.

It is gratifying to see that there is an increasing number of winning entries representing products that have already proved successful in the market.  It is a good sign that shows companies are applying design at the strategic level now and we are also experiencing raising awareness. The Hungarian Design Award is definitely aimed at reinforcing corporate commitment to design since a good design may improve competitiveness and it encourages market actors to come up with products that are useful and that satisfy relevant needs while keeping an eye on sustainability.

The jury was made up of prominent persons in the design profession and the economy. The jury chaired by Pál Koós, designer, holder of the Noémi Ferenczy Award, associate professor, institute director and the Vice-President of the Hungarian Design Council took two rounds to evaluate and award the most innovative entries of Hungarian design.

Just like in the previous years, the Hungarian Design Award was given in four categories (product, concept, visual communication and student work).

The awarding ceremony took place on 6 October, as part of the opening ceremony of Design Week Budapest 2017. 

25 July 2017