Graduation Projects

The Graduation Projects, which is a design degree show of the Visegrád Group Countries coordinated by the Polish Zamek Cieszyn have been announced again this year. The Hungarian Design Council is a professional partner of this initiative. Entries to the Graduation Projects are invited in the categories of design and graphics until 31 October.


The project is an annual show of the graduating students’ works in design and designer graphics in the Visegrád Group Countries. This program was first organised in 2003. Young designers with a current BA or MA degree are eligible for participation; applications must include a short description and 10 images submitted electronically. Applications are evaluated by the international jury in two rounds with the two categories, design and designer graphics, being evaluated by two separate professional juries.


The selected projects will be introduced on the 13th birthday of the Zamek Cieszyn event and be exposed at an international exhibition at the beginning of 2018. We do hope to see again many entries of Hungarian graduating students at this year’s show!


The projects of eight Hungarian designers were selected in 2016, all of them in the category of designer graphics:

Ádám Asztalos, University of Western Hungary;
Brigitta Béres, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts;
Aliz Buzás, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest;
Hajnalka Illés, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest;
Nóra Kaszany, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest;
Renátó Molnár, University of Western Hungary;
Kincső Nagy, University of Western Hungary;
Réka Némedi-Varga, University of Western Hungary.

For more information about the conditions of application please visit:

05 March 2018