Winner of the Design Management Award 2017

Award winner

HAMERLI / 1861 Glove Manufactory of Pécs

HAMERLI / 1861 Kesztyűmanufaktúra Pécs

Jury statement:
After it was privatised, the Glove Manufactory of Pécs successfully revived the production of high quality hand-made gloves in the seat of Baranya County by using the tools of design and innovation and relying on the 150-year past of traditional glove making in the region.

It is hoped that the company brands (Hamerli and 1861 Glove Manufactory) will satisfy the demands of two market segments at a high level through the adoption of production methods that both preserve the old handicraft traditions and remain open to innovation. In addition to the luxury brand Hamerli, a wide range of upmarket products are available to customers that are sold in small series throughout the world.

The design management approach is apparent in every aspect of the company’s activities and supports market sales. The company places great value on the importance of solid business results, on raising public awareness about traditional production techniques supported by modern equipment, and on involving the public in the processes, while preserving a tradition that is clearly presented in the company’s show manufactory in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.