reddot design award

The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen has offered partnership to Hungary and the Hungarian Design Council for the year 2005. Next year Hungarian manufacturers and designers will have an opportunity to enter for the reddot design award with a substantial concession.

Some words about the award:

The reddot, one of the greatest international design awards, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2005. The award is a guarantee of excellent quality and design, which is proudly mentioned in the information materials of even the largest international companies. There were Hungarian products that already won the reddot design award earlier but in the last few years there have been no Hungarian entries, unfortunately.

It is only the mass products not older than two years, put on the market before 1 July 2005 that can enter the reddot competition. One can enter for the competition in 12 groups of products. Entry is subject to the payment of a fee. Owing to the partnership agreement the Hungarian entrants are given a discount of 50% off the entry fee and 30% off the exhibition fees.

Closing date for entries: 31 January 2005 .

or further information please visit the reddot homepage or contact the Office of the Hungarian Design Council.