The Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Program 2016 has been closed

The grant program that aims to promote the work and professional development of talented young designers and has been running for 3 decades was announced by the Hungarian Design Council in 2016. The programme was co-financed by the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.

The 6 winners were selected on the basis of their entries that were judged in two turns, on 21-22 March, with the documentations and the presentations of the candidates being evaluated by the Jury in the first and second turn, respectively. The Jury considered the innovation content, the social-economic significance and the novelty content compared to international works of the same art for selecting the winner entries.


2016. Winners of the Moholy-Nagy Scholarship Program:

1. Anita Boldog: Collection of partner presents out of concrete – representative design present objects for construction industry firms

2. Emese Fabricius-Nagy: Collection of IORA modular bags

3. Zoltán Demeter Fogarasi: Modern-artisan furniture family

4. Mónika Kovács: Metal-textile project

5. Ninetta Németh: Zero waist raincoat collection

6. Ágnes Sass-Hegedűs: Porcelain object designs for special occasions for Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.

02 May 2016