Budapest Design Week 2015 is starting tomorrow offering a wide range of programs at over 100 venues all around the Hungarian capital in the next 10 days with two country-side cities, Pécs and Sopron also joining the festival.

This year the program series attracting the entire Hungarian design profession as well as the general audience focuses on the home, the place that is regaining its status in our ever-changing, fast, technology-driven world. The place that is dominated by emotions, memories and personal objects, and that is capable of translating the new factors in a multitude of resourceful ways, in addition to incorporating them as elements of the living environment. Technology, which is invisibly present everywhere in our objects, facilitates working from home, and presents us with objects that think for us, combined with interior decoration styles that amalgamate the styles and materials of remote countries, and a way of thinking that prefers community to individuals are all materialised into countless objects (or remain in virtual reality, for that matter) in the hands of competent designers, and make our homes a centre of life for the 21st century man.

HOME SWEET HOME the opening exhibition of the 12th Budapest Design Week welcomes visitors in a special venue and in an exceptional professional milieu, as the magical space of the Museum of Applied Arts is also the home of the exhibition of the 2015 Hungarian Design Awards and Design Management Award, as well as the Collective Imagination – Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID14) travelling exhibition that plays a key role in this year’s Spain, Guest of Honour programs. Through some 120 artworks, BID14 gives an overview of the most recent edition of the Ibero-American Design Biennial held every two-years in Madrid, and pays special attention to sustainability, innovation and social awareness. All three exhibitions are open till 15th November 2015.

The BID14 travelling exhibition is selected by an acclaimed international jury, DIMAD, the Advisory Board of BID.

The Museum of Applied Arts is also the home of the Tapas – Spanish Design for Food exhibition exploring Spain’s food design through three different topics: Kitchen, Table and Food, by presenting many interesting, spectacular, creative and most of all, professional design objects. The finissage of the exhibition is part of the program of Budapest Design Week.

The curator of Tapas is Juli Capella and the organiser is Acción Cultural Espanola (AC/E).

HOME SWEET HOME exhibition

The opening exhibition selecting primarily from the works of young Hungarian talents aims at exploring how notions like environmentalism, multiculturalism, sharing economy, the revolution of technology and gastronomy that play a defining role all over the world are translated into objects by designers. How the world leaks into our homes, how our micro-environment transforms into a mirror of the society, and how designers are inspired by the big changes of history.

Curator of the exhibition is Judit Osvárt, project leader of Budapest Design Week. Installation design: Tímea Tóth; graphic design: José Tábori-Simon.

HOME SWEET HOME exhibition is open between 25th September and 15th November 2015 in the Museum of Applied Arts (1091 Budapest, Üllői av. 33-37.), open each day (except Monday) from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm.

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Organised for the 12th time this year, Budapest Design Week takes place between 25th September and 4th October. The main sponsor and the patron of the festival is the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, its leading professional partner is the Hungarian Design Council with Design Terminal as cooperating partner, and it is organised by HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency.


Further information for the media:

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17 November 2015