Emergency measure taken at HIPO due to the coronavirus

Dear Customers,

With regard to the state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus, we inform you about the following:

Customer Service / Information on intellectual property protection / In person consultation

  • HIPO suspends the in person customer service from 18 March 2020 on (1054 Budapest, Akadémia utca 21.)
  • From 16 March 2020 on for an indefinite period of time the in person consultations with the officials / examiners are suspended; our colleagues are available for our Customers at the following contact details:
  • General information provision, Voluntary register of works: sztnh [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
    Fax: +36 (1) 474 5534 Tel.: +36 (1) 312 4400, (Monday – Friday 9.00-13:00)
  • Patent and utility model- related information: szabadalmi [961] foosztaly [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Trade mark and design-related information: vedjegydesign [961] foosztaly [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Registry Office information: lajstromvezetesi [961] osztaly [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Industrial property law information: jogiosztaly [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • R&D Qualification: kf [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Copyright information: szjftitkarsag [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Council of Copyright Experts: szjszt [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • National Board Against Counterfeiting: hent [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Hungarian Design Council’s Office: mfti [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Education: oktatas [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • Frecskay János Special Library: IPlibrary [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu
  • We kindly ask our supplier partners to avoid the in person delivery of invoices, please choose instead the postal service or, in case of electronically also authentic invoices, please use theIPlibrary [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu ( )szamlaerkeztetes [169] hipo [961] gov [961] hu e-mail address.
  • In this period of time inspection of documents will not be possible.
  • Voluntary register of works will only be possible by electronic way.
  • The automatic client terminal will operate 24/7 exclusively in our central building, under 7, II. János Pál papa tér.

Submission of applications and their entering into the file

  • We request our Customers to use primarily the e-applications system (https://ugyintezes. sztnh.gov.hu/eBej2/step1) or the post services (1438 Budapest, Post Box 415) when submitting their applications.
  • The round-the-clock automatic client terminal shall continue to be available 24/7 at our central office under 7, II. János Pál pápa tér.
  • In person entering into the file is available in our central office every working day between 10:00-12:00.

Frecskay János Special Library

  • We also close our public special library from 16 March 2020 on for an indefinite period of time.
  • During the closed period we will suspend the validation of the library fine.
  • We automatically prolong the due date of the already borrowed documents until 30 April 2020.
  • Under the current circumstances, we do not request our Customers to return the borrowed volumes to the public library in person.  

In case it is unavoidable for someone to enter the central office or other offices of HIPO in person, they may be obliged to make a statement on their state of health and contact details.

We request our Customers to continually monitor our website to follow any potential change.




17 March 2020